Tree Cutting Permit

Any landowner in the City of Sky Valley wanting to cut, trim, top, or remove a tree, or trees, must first complete an application for a tree cutting permit on forms designated by the City of Sky Valley and file said application with the office of the City Clerk.

1. The application should:

(a) Identify by location on a plat or sketch each tree to be cut, topped, trimmed, or removed. In order to identify a tree by location the applicant must, prior to submitting the application mark each tree by placing a red ribbon around the circumference of the tree at approximately 3 to 4 feet off the ground. The applicant must designate on the plat or sketch whether the tree is to be cut, trimmed, or topped and the total number of must be listed.

(b) Describe the purpose for cutting, topping, trimming, or removing the tree, or trees.

(c) Be accompanied where required with the application fee.

(d) Identify the person or business entity who will cut, top, and remove the tree.

(e) Define the time for cutting, topping, trimming, and for removal of trees or debris.

2. The applicant must certify familiarity with the terms of this ordinance and the applicant must certify the person or business entity actually cutting, trimming, topping, and removing tree is familiar with the ordinance.

(a) The city marshal/building inspector shall within ten (10) working days of the filing of the application (unless a longer time is agreed by the applicant) visit the property, confirm that the application is complete and consider Section 2 of the ordinance and make a written recommendation to the city manager that a permit be issued or denied.

(b) The city manager shall within five (5) business days of receipt of the recommendation of the city marshal/building inspector approve, disapprove, or approve in part the recommendation of the city marshal/building inspector. If the city manager approves in part or disapproves the recommendation of the city marshal/building inspector, written explanation outlining the reasons for approval in part or disapproval must be given.

3. Cutting, topping, trimming or removing trees on another person’s land will require a signed written permission from that landowner to be sent to City Hall before a permit will be issued.

2023 Tree Cutting Permit Application

TREE-PERMIT Information

Homeowner Affidavit for Tree Cutting

Homeowner Affidavit (.pdf)

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