Doing Business In Sky Valley

The City of Sky Valley welcomes your business to our Community.  The following is designed to provide general information and assistance to new businesses when they establish a location in Sky Valley.

General Occupation Tax Certificate Requirements:  Prior to opening a business in Sky Valley, a new business or profession must make application, pay a business tax and receive an Occupation Tax Certificate.  Occupation Tax Certificates are valid for the calendar year in which they are obtained.  If a business has multiple locations in Sky Valley, a separate Business Occupation Tax Certificate is required for each location to comply with state law.

Obtaining an occupation tax certificate for the first time:  

1. The first step in obtaining the occupation tax certificate is to verify that the type of business meets all zoning requirements for the business location.  Even if another business has been located in this area previously, verification for zoning compliance is required. 

2. If you plan to operate a business from your home, the Planning Department must approve and issue a Home Occupation Approval.  Submit the “Home Occupation Approval” form to the Planning Department when making application for the Occupation Tax Certificate. 

3. If your business serves food and/or drinks, you will need a food permit before Business Occupation Tax Certificate can be issued. 

4. If your business is a grocery store or convenience store you will need a permit from the Department of Agriculture before Business Occupation Tax Certificate can be issued.  Contact:  Department of Agriculture at (404) 656-3621 or (706) 546-3576.

5. If your profession (ex:  Doctor, Lawyer, Contractor, Plumber, Electrician; Barber; Beautician; Nail Technician) requires a State License, a copy of your State License has to be provided before Business Occupation Tax Certificate can be issued.

6. The final step is to complete a Business Occupation Tax Application.  Instructions for completing this form are shown on the application.  The completed application, all supporting documentation, a notarized residency affidavit and payment must be submitted.  The Occupation Tax Certificate will be issued after the application is received and processed.  The Certificate should be posted in a prominent location in your business.   

Additional information for business owners:

Alcoholic Beverage License, Massage Parlors, and Adult Entertainment:  If a business plans to sell alcoholic beverages, operate a Massage Parlor, or operate an Adult Entertainment type business, then a license and/or permit is required.  These requirements are in addition to the requirements for an Occupation Tax Certificate. 

Temporary Merchant Permit on Private Property:  Vendors who solicit on private property are required to obtain an Temporary Merchant Permit.  Written permission from the property owner and approval from Planning must be obtained. 

Building Inspection and Sign Permits:  The Building Inspection department should be contacted if your business plans to do any construction, add or change exterior signs. 

Water Services:  City Hall will assist you in establishing water utility services to your business. 

Garbage Pick-Up:  City Hall will assist you in establishing service for garbage pickup, recycling and other solid waste services. 

Georgia Sales Tax Number and Reporting:  Businesses may be required to collect sales tax under certain conditions.  If your business collects sales tax you must obtain a sales tax number and file reports with the State of Georgia as required.

Contact:  State of Georgia Department of Revenue, Centralized Taxpayer, Registration Unit, P O Box 74001, Atlanta, GA  30334-0001, (404) 651-8651

Federal Tax I.D. Number (EIN):  Businesses desiring to obtain a federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) for reporting purposes such as submitting payroll taxes.   Contact:  Internal Revenue Service, (866)816-2065 or (800)829-1040.

Trade Name Registration and Doing Business As Name:  If your business will use a name other than the owner’s personal name, you must register that name with the Clerk of Superior Courts.  Contact:  Clerk of Superior Courts, 325 E. Washington St (706) 613-3190.

Incorporating a Business:  To establish a corporation in the State of Georgia, you should contact the Secretary of State’s Office.  Contact:  Secretary of State, 315 W. Tower 2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr., Atlanta., GA (404) 656-2817.

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