As per the City of Sky Valley Charter (Article II – Section 2.20 (b)) – All Sky Valley Committees and committee chairpersons shall be appointed by the Mayor subject to the approval of a majority of councilmembers and shall serve at the pleasure of the Mayor and City Council.

(Article III – Section 3.11 (C)) – The Sky Valley Mayor shall create committees and appoint members consisting of councilmembers, city staff, and citizens at large upon the concurrence by a majority vote of the city council and perform duties as may be proper and necessary in the conduct of the affairs of the city and as may be herein after authorized.

(Sky Valley Ordinance No. 13-03 – Section 22) – … to study any issue before the Council. Any such committees may make recommendations to the City Council, but no committee shall be empowered to make any final decision on any matter before it for consideration. In addition to Council Members, committees may include other city officials, staff or citizens at large. Whenever a committee is created, its duties, any limitation on the scope of its duties, and the times, places and periods of time for which the committee may operate shall be determined by the Mayor with the concurrence of the Council. The Mayor shall serve as an ex officio member of all committees. Committee meetings shall be open to the public and shall comply with the requirements of this meeting organization ordinance and state law.

All committee member will be familiar and agree to comply with Sky Valley Ethics Ordinance No. 18-01.

Committee Chairpersons will be asked to present their committee’s activities and progress to the Mayor and City Council during City Council Meetings. Committee Progress Reports will be published in the Sky Valley Times.

Landscaping Advisory Committee

The Landscaping Advisory Committee is charged to partner with the Professional Landscaper retained by the City of Sky Valley. These committee members are asked to serve as advisors to the Landscaper and assist in designing a multi-phased landscaping plan to include plant choices, designating planting placements, and other necessary gardening elements to ensure our Sky Valley front entrance areas, City Hall front property, and Post Office will present an inviting and professional appearance to Sky Valley residents and visitors.

  • Cheryl Beckert,, Chairperson and Certified Master Gardener:
  • Debbie Dalhouse Curtis, Certified Master Gardener
  • Debbie McAfee
  • Glen McLendon

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Special Projects Committee

The Special Projects Committee is charged with working with our Sky Valley citizens and City Council Members to produce a priority list of projects which will help improve our city environment and enhance our city amenities. This committee will need to investigate methods to accomplish these special projects by listening to citizen and City Council requests, organizing citizen volunteer efforts, work along with Sky Valley City Hall and other Sky Valley Organizations and Committees, and investigate financial assistance and grant possibilities.

  • Bruce Turner, Chairperson:
  • Jim Curtis
  • Tony Allred
  • Teri Allred
  • Grace Guess
  • Lou MacNaughton

Special Projects and Events

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Mayoral Advisory Committee

The Mayoral Advisory Committee is charged to assist the Sky Valley City Council to make informed and well-researched decisions on possible future Capital Fund Projects, city planning, and city infrastructure improvements.

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Marketing Committee

The Sky Valley Marketing Committee is composed of members representing the Sky Valley City Council, the Sky Valley Country Club, the Property Owners Association, and the Time Share of Sky Valley. Opinions and suggestions from the participating organizations are needed, as well as those of community members. The decisions of this committee will be made to affect the design, development, distribution and promotion of Sky Valley and events in conjunction with the established City Vision. The overall goal of the committee is to market and promote Sky Valley as a community and to act in the best interest of the entire community.

Research, data, and the use of marketing professionals will guide the committee to make decisions which make sense and indicate successful outcomes for the goals to be established. A holistic annual plan will be developed and presented to the member organizations for information and budgeting. Recommended success metrics will be established and tracked by activity. Once a plan is in place, the Marketing Committee Chairman will provide a written quarterly update.

The marketing Committee members for 2022

Gordon Brand, Chairperson
Bruce Gant – SVPOA rep
Paul Evans- SVPOA rep
Harry Collins – SV Country Club rep
Roberta Walton – SV Country Club rep
Jim Curtis – SV Council Rep

Meeting Minutes

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Planning & Zoning Committee

For detailed information on the Planning and Zoning committee click here.

Dan McAfee, Chairperson
Bill Oliver
Tony Allred
David Spears
Don Germano

Meeting Minutes

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Video Recorded Meetings

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