Alcohol License

How to Obtain an Alcohol License

Businesses that sell and serve beer, wine, distilled spirits, and/or alcoholic beverages are required to obtain a City of Sky Valley alcohol license. Businesses that file for an alcohol license must pay the required fee and only the City Council may grant approval of an alcohol license at a public meeting. You may obtain the following forms to help expedite the process for obtaining your alcohol license:

Alcohol Permit Application Process:

Applicants must complete the Alcohol Beverage License Application and submit the checklist with all applicable paperwork and forms.

Applicant must then submit the application checklist, application form, attachments, and payments to the office of the City Clerk.

The City Clerk and City Manager review the information and either accept or reject the application based on current ordinances.

The City Clerk publishes a notice of application in the County legal organ, The Clayton Tribune. The notice must be placed once-a-week for two weeks.

The City Council conducts a public hearing regarding the application after the notice has been run.

The City Council either grants or denies the application.

Alcohol License Renewal Renewal letters are sent out in October and all renewal paperwork is due before November 30 of each year. After November 30, a 20% penalty is imposed on the account. If renewals are not received before December 31, then the license will be forfeited and the business must reapply for a new license.

Pouring Permit Application

The City of Sky Valley has established the following application to allow for the lawful pouring of alcohol.

A Pouring Permit is required for any employee holding a managerial or supervisor position and any employees of an off premises alcohol beverage caterer who engage in the handling, selling or serving of alcohol beverages. This excludes employees whose duties are limited solely to those of busboys, cooks, and dishwashers.

In order to sell, offer for sale, or otherwise dispense any alcohol beverages within the City, the establishment must first obtain a license from the City of Sky Valley. For questions regarding an Alcohol Beverage License, please contact the Finance and Administration Department at 706-746-2204. No licensee shall employ any person required to have a Pouring Permit until such person has obtained such permit.

Pouring Permits are issued to individual applicants. Only one pouring permit per individual will be issued for employment at any and all establishments within the City. The permit will be valid for a period of one (1) year and shall be renewed on or before its expiration. Individuals applying for the permit shall make themselves available for photographing, fingerprinting, and such other investigation as may be required by the police department.

As part of the application process, the Chief of Police or his designee shall have a complete and extensive search made to determine if there is a police record of such person. If there is a record of conduct prohibited by the City of Sky Valley or evidence that the person’s employment would adversely affect the public health, safety, or welfare, issuance of a
permit shall be denied.

A new search may be conducted on any person issued an employee Pouring Permit if the Chief of Police receives information which warrants such a new search. If the new search reveals evidence that warrants revocation of the card, the card may be revoked following notice and a hearing.

The fee for a Pouring Permit is made up of two (2) components: a background check by the City of Sky Valley Police Department for $50.00 and the permit fee of $60 totaling $110.00. Please make checks payable to City of Sky Valley.

Please submit the following Pouring Permit Application and required supplemental materials (detailed in the following checklist) to the Finance and Administration Department, located at 3444 Highway 246, Sky Valley, GA 30537.

There must be a manager or supervisor with a pouring permit on site during business operating hours

Alcohol License Application

Alcohol License Renewal (.pdf)

Pouring Permit Application

Pouring Permit Renewal Application (.pdf)

Nonprofit Temporary Alcohol Permit

Temporary Alcohol Permit Application (.pdf)

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