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By City ordinance, animals are not allowed to roam at large.  It is also the responsibility of each animal owner to pick up after and not leave animal waste on public areas and/or the property of others. To do so is not only unsanitary, it is un-neighborly, and the offending animal owner may be cited.  
Additionally, the City provides trash cans at strategic locations such as the Overlook, and the mail boxes, etc. These trash cans are intended for small “incidental” trash and not for disposal of private- bulk and/or bagged trash. Anyone caught disposing of such trash may be cited.  
In closing and as a reminder, trash is picked up on Monday’s and residents should place their trash out no earlier than 6AM nor later than 8AM on Monday mornings to ensure pickup. 

Let’s all work together to keep Sky Valley clean and beautiful. 

Thank you. Jason  

Jason Streetman, AICP, MPA
City Manager

City of Sky Valley Georgia
3444 Highway 246Sky Valley, GA  30537-2502